I am currently a Clinical Professor of Medicine and an Educator’s for CARE faculty, teaching the practice of Medicine at Stanford, while mentoring medical students longitudinally. I am involved in mentoring medical students with their Med Scholar projects mainly in global health. We are exploring telemedicine and SMS texting as social digital platforms to improve chronic disease management in poorly resourced areas in the Philippines. Most recently, my long -term interest has shifted from the medical missions to medical mobile clinic to reach the underserved areas in the Philippines. This stemmed out from what we learned from medical missions that although we achieve short-term fulfillment in volunteer work, we failed to show improvement in outcomes in chronic diseases and surgeries as well. Follow -up, education, prevention and research are only one of the several gaps we have identified. In order to achieve our goals, we have been partnering with local academic institutions and non-profits to ensure sustainability and continuity of our projects.

In the US, we collaborate with Stanford Engineering department, CIGH , several high schools, undergraduates at Santa Clara, Stanford, Berkeley and Stanford Medical and PA schools to help inspire and engage students in global health work so they can continue the cycle of helping, volunteering and engaging the younger generations of learners. I came to a realization that data only is meaningful if it is translated to real practice and real life. I like to break the silos in medicine and bring people together from education, medicine, engineering and entrepreneurs together to make a meaningful change in the lives of people we serve. (End users of knowledge we all acquire).

Most recently, through a generous grant from Steiner educational Foundation, we launched our first Medical Mobile Clinic in Pampanga, Philippines with a vision to promote community outreach programs, continuity of care, education, prevention and research in health care. Specific target populations are: poor population with chronic cardiovascular diseases with limited access to care and the indigenous population (AETAS tribes).

My passions in clinical care, medical education, community outreach programs in the US and in the Philippines define who I am and where my values and meaning in life lies. My future direction is to relay this vision and create a forum to help the underserved areas and help train the youth in art of giving and collaboration to help break the cycles of disparity in health, education and social demographics.