Telemedicine, Medical Outreach, and Global Health

  • The workshop will be a hands-on training on telemedicine.  The proctors will demonstrate the use of the technology including use of the stethoscope, otoscope, blue tooth technology for synchronous encounters. The workshop will engage you with the medical mobile clinic project to improve population health. Workshop will also explore use of mobile technology like SMS texting and other social media platform to enhance health awareness and also to improve data gathering and thus contributing to Big Data.

Data Visualization

  • Learn how to manipulate complex datasets with ggplot2—a popular and aesthetically pleasing graphics framework in R. Topics covered include aesthetic mapping and scales, faceting, and themes. After a brief tutorial of basics, we’ll perform some data exploration and visualization of the MIMIC database. Some familiarity with R would be useful for this workshop, although it is not required. Participants should have a working copy of R, RStudio, and MIMIC downloaded on their computer.

Prediction and Classification

  • In the machine learning for clinical predictive analytics workshop, we would like to introduce basic machine learning techniques and toolkits for clinical knowledge discovery. The material will cover common useful supervised and unsupervised algorithms for clinical prediction tasks, as well as the diagnostic workflow of applying machine learning to real-world problems. We will use Google colab and python jupyter notebook and two clinical datasets to build predictive models. After the workshop, we hope that audiences can learn how to use Google colab / jupyter notebook, and build machine learning models for clinical classification and clustering tasks.

Techpreneurship Panel

  • This panel seeks to explore and will try to answer questions related to the making of a technopreneur; how academe and industry can work together to identify and address market needs; and understand risk, creativity, inspiration, and opportunity using a strategic mindset. Our distinguished panelists will share their thoughts on ways to identify your personal strengths and weaknesses, spot market and research opportunities, and determine ways on how academe and industry can work together to further advance innovation.

Technology in Healthcare: Chance or Obstacle?

  • This workshop explores the complexities of healthcare and the challenges of change in such complex environments. We will then dive further into what opportunities and challenges technology (i.e. in form of information systems) can bring along. Clinicians and other participants will be asked to share their personal experiences with technology in healthcare settings and we will discuss the impact of technology on all stakeholders. All backgrounds welcome, no previous experience required.